How much do you believe in food images you see in advertisement?

(If you’re struggling with losing weight and health issues, then please follow these tips. I found myself in a healthy state for long time. I still am)

Think about this… Everything you buy that is inside a box, can or bottle has some “alien” element that doesn’t belong to a healthy food.

Any fruit juice, low calories, low fat, 100% natural or whatever cover of whatever food you buy at the grocery store, think about your option not to believe in…

If you do choose well, I mean, your option to be skeptical, then you might be 100% right.

If I didn’t mention this before, I am a vegan.

Yes, I know… I confess that I am not following it in a very fanatic way. I eat cheese pizzas (I love it), I love cakes, I love grilled salmon. Especially when I am in company with friends and family I don’t force myself and I stop being vegan just for a meal 😊

Anyway… That’s not my everyday life though. Every time I go to the store, I spend most of my time in the fruit/vegetable area.

Nuts, especially walnuts, are one of my favorite snacks.

What do I do with veggies?

Before I continue my veggies story, I will tell you that many of the people I know, that work with me, fill their lunch bags with frozen food bought at the store. Easy! 3 or 4 minutes in the microwave and that’s it!

Well… as I said before, who knows what’s inside those boxes.

Oils, excessive salt, sugar, chemicals and what not…

I have a HEALTHIER way and I will pass the info to you.

I have a pressure cooker. I fill this with half water (if I include rise), otherwise 1/3 is enough.

I cut sweet potatoes, a couple of garlic heads, broccoli, carrots, etc. Use your fantasy and whatever vegetables you would like.

Then I add some rise, lentils, half peas, barley… just be creative.

Then add spices… Rosemary is my favorites. Not much salt. Avoid it if possible.

Pepper and/or whatever else you love. If you want to be perfect DON’T include oil… no oil. But if you can’t avoid then don’t exaggerate. Just a little.

The cooker has to be not very full. Just follow the instructions coming with your pressure cooker.

Next… seal that cooker and put in on the stove for about 50 mins (that works for me but you check it out)

It has to whistle for about 10 minutes and that’s it!

The magic comes when you, after it cools down, you take about 8-10 covered bowls (Tupperware types) and fill them with your delicious meal and put them in the freezer.

Every day, for more than a week, you have the healthiest lunch you could ever imagine!

Stay Healthy…