We live in our environment… no doubt about that. And if our environment become poisonous we will suffer.

I didn’t invent the wheel with this… I know.

The point now is. Where does your environment starts? It starts where your skin ends?

What is the environment where you live my friend?

Is it what you breathe, is it what you eat?

I believe that everything is an exchange of energy and all exchanges happen in the environment.

So, we see the clouds that come done as rain. Then the soil absorbs the fluid and part of it form rivers that end in the seas and oceans. There we go again that, from the soil, rivers, seas, oceans and all creatures that absorbed that water, all that water returns again and blends with the atmosphere. Never ending cycle.

Now. We absorb the fruits of the soil, we use part of it as energy and then the rest comes out and return to the soil… and one day, we all return to the soil.

I believe that our environment, where we live, doesn’t end where our skin starts. We are environment and our bodies are part of that environment.

If we spill engine oil on the ground, we definitely are poisoning the soil. No difference with consuming contaminants. Our “soil” suffers and struggle to return to normal again.

It will eventually, but what if we continuously, as a habit, consume junk without allowing our bodies to eliminate, balancing all values to normal?

This truth, the truth of your own responsibility about your own environment arrives to a tipping point here.

Is up to you and whatever your brain is telling you now, whatever idea of blaming society, your parents, your spouse, just ignore it for a second.

What about the simple change of replacing sodas and mass produce juices with water in your diet?

That’s a huge improvement that helps you keep your “environment” uncontaminated and doesn’t require money… it saves you money indeed.

Just a though…


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