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Our Mini Purse is just the right size to fit over your shoulder and hit the streets in style. You might as well embrace the Mini Bag trend because it’s here to stay. So we have a bamboo woven leather mini purse that is just for your hip wardrobe. Handcrafted in supple leathers and hand-woven bamboo, you will find it irresistible. It is a fashion trend that is gaining attention around the world. It’s meant to be filled with a few key essentials like a phone, keys, lip balm, and maybe some money!

Mini Purse Trend is Here to Stay!

Marcello also has a mini wallet that goes well with the mini bag trend. If men can go with less why can’t women? Why should you carry all that heavy stuff around? Now you don’t and you can own a piece that will gain attention because there isn’t one in the world like it. It takes days to produce 1 fine mini bag and our artisans craft it from the finest leathers and bamboo. The results are stunning elegance with a touch of nature. Bamboo woven leather creates a nice solid bag but with a soft hand feel. It’s light and perfect since you will feel like you aren’t carrying anything.

Crossbody Mini Bags Can Only Enhance Your Wardrobe

Our crossbody mini bag has a strap that fits on the shoulder as well as going across the body. So it will go with any outfit you have. The iconic look of our signature pattern of woven bamboo is designed to catch this mini purse trend. The sensibility of such a small bag will liberate you from carrying around more than you possibly need. Most importantly you can do it knowing you probably won’t meet someone with the same purse in your town yet! So as a shoulder bag or a crossbody mini purse please check out our collection right now!