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What is bamboo woven leather? Newest Leatherworking Technique

Our creation, bamboo woven leather, is one of the newest techniques of leather making. It is the fusion of traditional leatherworking and bamboo handicrafts. We take strips of bamboo and weave them into the leather to create a unique pattern. This also enhances the structure of the bag or wallet to make it more rigid and sturdy. No more floppy purses or bags with our bamboo woven leather! You can read our informative article about floppy purses here.  

You’ve probably seen woven bags and rattan bags, but you have never seen anything like bamboo woven leather, a new combination of materials and processes. Bamboo strips are prepared and are thin enough to be woven into the leather. But they are still thick enough to be flexible, strong and can add a protective barrier and structure to the piece we are creating. It also naturally adds a new iconic pattern to each bag we make. You won’t see anything like this out there in the fashion world today! One of the newest wallets with bamboo woven leather is right here on Etsy, check it out!

Bamboo weaving and leather making history

If you live in Asia, bamboo is ubiquitous and can be found in many daily-use items. Bamboo weaving and usage for tools and buildings have been used in Southeast Asia for 1000’s of years, perhaps even over 10,000 years ago. A unique theory called the “bamboo theory” hypothesizes that early humans in Asia used bamboo instead of stone tools because the material was so readily found and easy to produce. That’s why there aren’t as many stone tools found as were found in other parts of the world during the same period.

Bamboo was also widely used especially in making baskets in Japan since the 1800s and there are beautiful examples of art and phenomenal pieces created from various types and colors of bamboo. Marcello uses only the best types of leather to produce works of art as well. The all-natural vegetable tanned leathers are Italian-made and can last generations with proper care. Leatherworking has also been developed due to the ease of use, flexibility, and innumerable uses of hides from animals.    

Mini Wallet in Bamboo Woven Leather

Weaving bamboo leather benefits and design

Once the bamboo is woven into the leather, you can immediately feel a difference. The original piece of leather becomes firm and will hold the shape of our woven pattern. We usually choose a one-by-one weave or plain weave. This is something unique to our line of Marello bags and accessories. The added stiffness this brings to our leather goods is what keeps our purses and bags looking sharp. 

Another added benefit that is apparent after use is that it can also resist damage. Bamboo is an extremely strong material. If you bang it against something by accident it can help prevent damage to your bag. The flexibility and strength can be as strong as steel but much lighter! And the pattern of the plain weave combined with the leather makes an unmistakable design language not seen before. This results in our line of leather goods and bamboo woven bags the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones! 

About Marcello: Marcello bamboo woven leather accessories was founded in 2017 by a couple based in Taiwan, Robert Macias, and Sabrina Yang. We use only the best Italian leather and the finest Taiwanese bamboo and weave them into our leather accessories. This combination we call bamboo woven leather and it is a symphony of nature. Like this husband and wife team, the Marcello brand blends Eastern and Western cultures and shares a part of the Taiwanese culture around the world.

We use the best bamboo from the mystical mountains of Nantou, located in Central Taiwan. It combines traditional bamboo weaving and handicraft techniques with leather craftsmanship. It perfectly blends Eastern and Western traditional craftsmanship. The entire series of leather goods are 100% handmade from pattern making, cutting, weaving, sewing, and edge finishing. Making each product by hand instills the love of our craftsmanship. Whether you buy an original Marcello design or one of our customized leather accessories, you’ll love them all!