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Are you looking for something that sets you apart, how about the Aaron Bamboo Woven Leather Backpacks? It derives inspiration from a lively little boy. A young explorer, Aaron. Our design team wanted to create an ordinary backpack into something extraordinary. The backpack is feather light because bamboo is a natural mystical material. It’s also superb when used as an added stiffener. No floppy backpacks here! The Aaron’s construction is with a single spacious compartment. We want it to be accessible for little hands and still designed for the modern adult. The accented zippers with a lower case “a” adds flair to the polished double golden zip pulls.

Refined Bamboo Woven Leather Backpacks with Flair

This classic leather backpack highlights the signature Marcello bamboo woven leather pattern. Robust, with stature and provides structure to this refined daily essential. It’s designed for your daily essentials. You can fit an iPad, notebook and a 13” notebook computer. And lets you organize yourself and embodies your persona. The ergonomic and comfortable shoulder straps are adjustable. There is also a hidden inner pocket on the back for cards or other items.

Handwoven Bamboo Front Panel, A for Abracadabra?

Some backpacks will make you look like a student. But Marcello bamboo woven leather backpacks are an office-appropriate style setter. Bamboo is stronger than steel! I bet you didn’t know that. Its tensile strength is strong as steel but super light and flexible. Traditional craftsmanship combined with all natural veg tanned leather and bamboo create magic. The front panel is handwoven in bamboo with an “A” for Aaron as he is the inspiration for the design. This magnificent bamboo comes from Central Taiwan near our studio in Taichung. This region grows the highest quality bamboo that’s used in all our pieces. Shop Now.

There is no stopping the creativity when it comes to custom tailored goods. The mind can inspire you to meld the materials into unbelievable masterpieces. And as always all our leather goods have a Lifetime Warranty. You have nothing to worry about except to choose the color of your favorite veg tanned leather good. Designed for the modern wardrobe and being at the forefront of fashion. Bamboo Woven Leather Backpacks are available in Marine Blue.