All 皮革配件


Marcello makes a leather glasses case for your favorite spectacles. Now you can put them away in supreme style. Our artisans take a supple piece of veg tanned leather and weave it with bamboo. This extra step provides a firm and unique look to our glasses case. The signature bamboo woven leather glasses case is the perfect gift. Buy one for your boyfriend, girlfriend or lover! The care taken to hand make this piece goes without saying.

Bamboo Woven Leather Glasses Case

If you have the perfect set of RayBan glasses or eyeglasses why not stow them with a sense of class. Inside is also a sturdy plastic case to further protect your eyeglasses and keep them safe and in style. If you have spectacles, shades or eyeglasses, these holders will feel right at home. They’re encased in the rich luxury of bamboo woven leather.

Marcello has a line of luxury accessories. This includes mini wallets, mini purses, key rings and clasps. They are all made by our leather artisans in our own studio. The bamboo we use grows only in the quiet pristine mountains of Taiwan. Marcello uses traditional methods to create masterpieces of leather. We pride ourselves in making to order for an exclusive clientele.

Traditional Classic Design for Your Shades

This functional work of art is a classic eyeglass case for any outfit. How many pairs of eyeglasses have you lost? Well if you’re like me, too many! Now this leather eyeglasses case is something you will never forget to take with you! It protects and keeps your spectacles out of harms way. Get one today for that special person! Check out our other leather accessories now.

All Marcello bamboo woven leather comes with the finest materials from mother nature: leather and bamboo. These materials are robust and with proper care can last a lifetime. Treat them with care and they become an heirloom!