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Leather Mini Wallets

Our range of wallets makes the ideal luxury accessory because it will hold your business cards or cash in style! You can take it with you to the store with a few cards and some cash. We craft it with supple European veg tanned leather. We even weave hand finished bamboo in to its smooth surface.  In addition, our mini wallet comes in vibrant colors that add the perfect accent to your style. Each item is handmade to order using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship. A Symphony of Nature!

Bamboo Woven Leather

Bamboo woven in to the mini wallet brings out an eye catching accessory. It also is a combination of handcrafted leather goods with an age old tradition of bamboo weaving. This is the perfect fusion of Eastern and Western craftsmanship. Our leather artisans take the best parts of the veg tanned hides and hand make the intricate bamboo inlays. Then we weave it into the outer cover of the min wallet. This gives a unique structure and hand feel. 

Mini Wallet Design

We created this mini wallet for people who don’t need to bring a huge wallet but rather just a few items. This smart design allows you to pop it in your shirt pocket, or you back pocket. The premium soft leather has been naturally processed. Depending on each users habits, it will develop a full rich patina and just as a fine wine will get better over time. 

Quick Access to the Essentials

There is also a pull strap for you to easily take out your cards or cash without having to dig inside the mini wallet. Once you’re done, you can simply push your cards back down in to the wallet. The outside slot is there for you to insert your most widely used card such as a key card used for door access at work or home, for example, and some business cards.  Quick access to your essentials is how we designed this must have accessory.

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