Mini Wallet Hazelnut Brown

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Our slim wallets or we like to call it our mini wallet can hold a few cards and some cash. It also has a useful outside slot and that is for your most used cards, including a key card. You can also use it as a card holder. It is one of the hottest men’s wallets available and an elegant way to present yourself. We hand make each mini wallet from soft European veg tanned leather. Then we add our signature hand finished bamboo. This is woven in to the leather to provide the perfect accessory to your style.




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The Perfect Sized Men’s Slim Wallets

Before we made our slim wallets, I owned a pretty normal but cool leather wallet. After we made a prototype I carried it around and loved it. Since then, I kept using it because it’s just the perfect size! I realized I didn’t need a large wallet. The majority of cards and cash I used hardly took up that much space! The extra outer pocket was more useful since it could hold my key card. Whenever I needed to swipe the card reader, it’s right there. No more needing to take it out. Shop our Marine Blue Mini Wallets 

Put it in your shirt pocket or rear pocket?

Our slim wallets are perfect since you can fit it in your shirt pocket, front pants pocket or your rear pocket. Certainly, for women, you can also place it easily in your purse. All the other wallets I own are too large and can only be put in my back pocket. I have to be honest I do have a Bellroy wallet, that’s pretty nice. But when I want to sit down it just doesn’t feel comfortable! So what do you do? Of course, you have to take your wallet out and place it on your desk or somewhere in your car. This becomes a problem for me since I am always on the move. Consequently, I would leave my wallet without taking it with me on many occasions! So after we made this minimalist wallet, I found myself using it all the time. It’s light and holds just the right amount of cards. Lastly, when you are out and about and you do want to place your mini wallet on your table or desk it will always get noticed. People will ask you about it because they have never seen a bamboo woven mini wallet before!

Mini Wallet Details

120mm x 75mm (4 3/4” x 3”)
Rich grained European vegetable tanned leather
Hand-finished bamboo inlays
All linen threads for strength and durability
Lifetime warranty


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1 review for Mini Wallet Hazelnut Brown

  1. Eva

    So convenient! I like it very much!

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