Key Ring and Clasp-Marine Blue

The Marine Blue Concerto key chain with bamboo comes with a clasp. It’s crafted with a 1.25” ring and a clasp for added versatility. We handcraft each piece in exquisite European veg-tanned leather. The hand-finished bamboo and vibrant colors make it the perfect gift.


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The Luxury Leather Key Holder in Marine Blue is a keychain with a 1.25” split ring and a clasp for added versatility. Each piece takes loving workmanship and exquisite European veg-tanned leather. With hand-finished bamboo and vibrant colors, it’s the perfect accent to your style. All pieces are handmade to order using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship. A Symphony of Nature!

Some people like to use our Luxury Leather Key Holder as a bag charm. They clip it to their favorite purse or briefcase and it blends well but also gets some real attention. Handwoven bamboo inlays woven into the leather create some unreal and unique pieces. Check out our Keychains without the clasps as well. And for a complimentary pair take a look at the Olive Green Keychain!

One of our favorite bag charms is the Chinese New Years Lantern bag charm that we designed for the 2020 Year of the Rat. It’s made in luxurious red leather and looks like a traditional lantern. That one clips to your purse or bags as well.

Once you use our Key Holder, they develop a rich patina on the veg-tanned leather. This buildup of color and character changes over time. This also depends on the climate you are in and the way you use the charms. The natural oils in your hands and body also enhance the colors. Now for en even more unique accessory, try our Glasses Case for your favorite spectacles.

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Weight 17 g


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