Lunar New Year’s Lantern & Leather Bag Charms


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Lucky Chinese New Years Bag Charms

You won’t find a Leather Bag Charm like our Lunar New Year’s charm from Marcello. They are perfect for clipping to your bags or totes. This Purse Charm crafted in luxurious and lucky red leather brings you good vibes all year! Also, notice the bamboo woven into the charm for an even more pure and unique look. And, for a traditional but unique keychain or purse charm, please check out our line of keyrings.

Gold and Red Purse Charms are Lucky!

Why red and gold do you ask? Well, it’s a tradition in Chinese cultures that red symbolizes the vitality of life and happiness. Gold represents wealth and prosperity. In addition, Lucky bamboo plants also signify a superb gift for friends and family. This means they put them to their homes for good luck and longevity. Incidentally, this is the major holiday of the year that unites the family and sets a fresh start for the year. Clip-on the leather bag charm to any purse and bring your good fortunes with you!

Bring Traditional Asian Luck with You

At the bottom of the purse charm, we create a tasseled look for an added unique touch. Tassels come from ancient times in the Orient, Egypt and other parts of the world. They are a symbol of holiness and even mentioned in the Bible. Furthermore, tassels are also found to embellish royal palaces and garments. So, therefore, our lantern purse charm has them because Chinese lanterns also have similar design elements. One may find Chinese decorative knots that look like tassels. They can have different meanings such as a love knot or to show unity and fidelity. If you want another perfect gift for that special someone, check out the Ruby Red Clutch

All our bag charms come in fine leathers and bamboo is weaved into each piece. Traditional methods employed create pieces for you to share your blessings. We craft each charm with utmost care to the details so you can keep these for a lifetime. And this is why every bag or charm we make comes with a lifetime warranty. Buy them all now! Happy New Year!

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