Leather Key Ring and Clasp-Hazelnut Brown

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The Hazelnut Brown Concerto key ring and clasp is crafted with a 1.25” ring and a clasp for added versatility. Each piece takes loving workmanship and exquisite European veg tanned leather. With hand finished bamboo and vibrant colors, it’s the perfect accent to your style. All pieces are handmade to order using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship. A Symphony of Nature!


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We craft our leather keyring and clasp with a 1.25” split ring for added versatility. The Hazelnut Brown Concerto key chain comes from exquisite European veg-tanned leather. Most importantly, each piece is fitted with bamboo and comes in vibrant leather colors. It’s the perfect accent to your style. All pieces made in house use the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship. We also make Keyrings without a clasp.

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Handcrafted Leather Key Ring and Clasp

Our artisans use traditional methods and make masterpieces of leather craftsmanship. For example, we produce our leather keyring and clasps in fine leathers and bamboo. Moreover, you can clip it on your belt or purse, that’s how we designed this leather key chain. Our signature bamboo woven pattern is a unique premium luxury gift for men or women.

Supple Veg Tanned Leather

The smooth European vegetable tanned leather develops its own character over time-based. This depends on how you use it, where you clip it to or what’s in your pocket or purse. In effect, the dark rich patina builds up over time and is immediately noticeable. This is what makes natural veg tanned leather so desirable. We pride ourselves on making a comparable leather key ring and clasp to the designer brands.

Why Bamboo Woven Leather?

The big brand designer key chains are a nice gift. But, in fact, Marcello leather key chains and clasps are unique and you will own an exclusive piece. What this means is that they do not look like anything offered in the luxury leather world today. Bamboo woven leather makes the pieces feel robust. The feel of it in your hand is a sturdy yet elegant accessory. Above all, this is something you will treasure for generations, we assure you!

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Weight 17 g

1 review for Leather Key Ring and Clasp-Hazelnut Brown

  1. Jessica

    Cool! Bamboo design is so unique!

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