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Why Leather Mobile Phone Straps are the Only Choice?

Almost everyone has a mobile phone, but do you have a mobile phone strap in leather yet? Phone cases used to be the hot item for your smartphone, but now having the right accessory to hold your phone is the trend. 

A leather mobile phone strap is the best accessory to mate with any phone case. You never have to throw it away when you change phones or cases. Our modular design makes it ideal for your neck, wrist, or crossbody use. Leather straps are more shock-absorbing than synthetic materials like nylon.

Our natural veg-tanned leather straps also will look better over time as the patina of genuine Italian leather always looks more elegant, right? The entire Marcello line of leather straps and accessories also comes with an optional bamboo woven leather tag. They’re available in multiple colors that you may emboss your name or initials on.

Mobile phone straps in leather have evolved quickly since we made our first one from a leather rope. Our experience using narrow-width leather straps makes for the most comfortable user experience. Especially, since many phones are not super light in weight. The rope-type of straps are not as comfortable. They can dig into the skin due to their very narrow width and shape. 

Our leather straps are 9 to 10mm in width and we find this the ideal and most comfortable width to spread out the weight of the mobile phone. Whether the user wears the phone around their neck, or wrist or uses it as a crossbody mobile strap, it’s still comfortable.         

Types Of Straps

Most straps for phones we see are made of synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester braided and woven materials. Although they might be easy to make, cheap, and colorful, we think leather phone straps are better! Let’s explain why. 

Firstly, our leather phone straps are made to last and develop a beautiful patina and rich character over time. The natural properties of veg-tanned leather lead the straps to take on the characteristics of how you use them. They will look shinier, deeper in color, and look more refined as you use them. That’s a look only real Italian veg-tanned leather can create over time.

Synthetic materials just don’t age well and only become frayed, dirty, and look cheaper over time. There are so many fancy colors available with these kinds of materials, but over time they will lose their luster and appeal. So that’s why we believe leather mobile phone straps are the best choice!

Frayed Nylon and Phone Tags

And did you know that nylon and other synthetic materials are a burden on the environment? The required energy and processing inputs for weaving, dying the colors, and making these types of straps pose a heaven burden on the environment. Especially since many of these kinds of materials are thrown away and take a long time to break down as Life Cycle Assessments have shown.       

Phone Tags Made from Plastics Break!

Leather phone tags will naturally be more flexible, absorb shock, and are less prone to damage. The most common type of plastic phone tags that wedge inside the phone case are easily broken. Over time the heat and constant rubbing with movement will lead to cracks and breakage in the plastic phone tags. 

One of the best examples of leather use is in equestrian saddles. Did you ever wonder why leather is used in horse saddles? That’s because of their extreme strength combined with flexibility. Leather has been used for saddles for over 2700 years.  Could you imagine a horse saddle made from plastic or nylon straps? They would most likely break and the rider would fall off and be seriously injured. 

That’s another good reason we like to say using leather phone tags is the best choice to protect your mobile phones from snapping off your straps. The plastic phone tags are certainly going to be the weakest link in the whole accessory.

Leather Phone Straps Easy to Care For

Like all natural leather products, you can simply use a damp soft microfiber cloth to wipe your leather mobile phone strap clean. It will clean up nicely and help give it an aged look and a rich patina. Of course, like any leather product, it’s not made for if you sweat profusely or you will be in a wet environment. Although we suspect most people will be treating their phones with care. Under normal use and conditions, your leather phone straps will be fine.

We know some people like to use leather conditioners and this is fine. Although we wouldn’t recommend it with our leathers since they don’t need any conditioning. But you could use the popular Leather Honey if that’s something you like to use on your other leather goods. Just click on the above link if you never heard about it.      

Customize Your Leather Mobile Phone Straps

Add Custom Name Tags

Our leather mobile phone straps can be customized with your initials on the name tag. This is a separate piece we have made with woven bamboo in the leather. Then we stamp your name or initials into the leather and sew it onto the strap. It’s slideable and can be adjusted if needed. There is a wide range of leather colors and you can even choose the color of thread you want. 

We also have a range of woven leather straps where we interweave a few colors of thin leather together. You may even choose a different style single hook or double hook depending on the type of case you own. There is high-quality hardware made of brass as well as adjustable and fixed types of leather straps. You may choose a fixed type of strap for around your neck or an adjustable cross-body leather strap.  

Safest Mobile Phone Straps

While we do want our straps to be comfortable, strong, and flexible, we also want them to be safe! When we say “safe” we mean we don’t want our straps to be so strong that they could get caught on something and cause serious bodily injury. 

With nylon straps that are new, they could become caught on something and since they are so inflexible, they could get caught and cause some serious injuries which we don’t want to describe! You can just imagine if this is around your neck and it gets caught on something, what could happen? 

However, with our leather straps, they are strong BUT flexible. And they would snap off before they cause any serious damage. But they are certainly strong enough to handle any smartphone out there with ease.