Cadenza Clutch

marine blue cadenza clutch

Cadenza Clutch

The minimalist beauty of our Cadenza clutch is handcrafted from firm European veg tanned leather and finished with hand woven bamboo to last you a lifetime of style. It can hold 6 cards, cash and your phone and its irresistible appeal draws the attention of the crowd. Each item is handmade to order using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship. A Symphony of Nature!

  • Leather Clutches

    Leather Clutches (4)

    We use handcrafted bamboo inlays in our leather clutches. Our craftsmen hand make the minimalist piece from European veg tanned leather. Then, we finish it in hand woven bamboo to last you a lifetime of style. Moreover, it holds 6 cards, cash and your mobile phone.…
  • Key Rings

    Key Rings (4)

    Artisans handcraft Concerto leather key rings in the finest European veg tanned leather. Then we hand finish it and weave bamboo in to the leather. It’s the perfect key chain for boyfriends or loved ones. A Gucci key chain or an LV key chain may cost…
  • Key Ring and Clasp

    Key Ring and Clasp (4)

    Handcrafted Leather Key Ring and Clasp Our artisans use traditional methods to make masterpieces of leather craftsmanship. For instance, we produce our leather key ring and clasp in fine leathers and bamboo. Moreover, you clip it on your belt or purse. That’s how we designed this…
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