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Leather Key Rings and Clasp

Handcrafted Leather Key Ring and Clasp

Who would buy a bamboo woven leather key chain and clasp? A simple and elegant key ring says a lot about a person. We designed these leather accessories for the discerning. Our artisans use traditional methods to make masterpieces of leather craftsmanship. For instance, we produce our leather key ring and clasp in fine leathers and bamboo. Moreover, you clip it on your belt or purse. That’s how we designed this leather key chain. Above all, our signature bamboo woven pattern is a unique premium luxury gift for men or women. It’s used as a key fob purse charm and even clipped to a briefcase.

Supple Veg Tanned Leather

The smooth European vegetable tanned leather develops a unique character over time. This depends on how you use it. Do you clip it, or slip it in your pocket, or do you keep it in hand? The dark rich patina builds up over time. This precious characteristic of natural veg tanned leather makes this a heritage item. We pride ourselves for making key chains higher in quality than the designer brands. Over time it will feel and smell like it did the first time you used it.

Why Bamboo Woven Leather?

The big brand designer key chains are a nice gift. But Marcello accessories are unique and you will want another. They don’t look like anything offered in the luxury leather world today. Bamboo woven leather makes the piece feel robust. The hand feel of a sturdy yet elegant accessory is something you will be asked about, we assure you! If you consider a designer LV key chain or a Gucci key chain, then look no further. This is far more exclusive than those brands! Marcello bamboo woven luxury!

Where do you get the bamboo?

The bamboo we use in all Marcello products grow in the forests near Taichung, Taiwan. In the Central Mountain ranges grows the finest bamboo in the world and this is why we select this variety. Straight, beautiful in color and the best for lasting a lifetime. Check out our Key Rings as well.