Olive Green Leather Clutch

Cadenza Clutch

Veg-tanned Leather & Handcrafted Bamboo

The minimalist beauty of our Cadenza clutch in Olive Green is handcrafted from firm European veg-tanned leather and finished with handwoven bamboo to last you a lifetime of style. It can hold 6 cards, cash and your phone and its irresistible appeal draw the attention of the crowd. Each item is handmade to order using the finest materials and traditional craftsmanship. A Symphony of Nature!


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Marcello’s olive green leather clutch bag is a unique and minimalist design. We use handcrafted bamboo inlays in the leather clutch. Our craftsman selects the finest sections of firm European veg-tanned leather. Then, we finish it in handwoven bamboo to last you a lifetime of style. Moreover, it holds 6 cards, cash, and your mobile phone. We know its irresistible appeal draws the attention of the crowd. Thus we hand make each item to order with traditional craftsmanship. This fusion of Eastern bamboo weaving and Western leatherworking creates a piece you can use for a lifetime. And that’s also another reason we have a Lifetime Warranty, so you can be assured of the quality of all our pieces.

All-Natural Materials

Marcello uses only nature’s best materials that artisans used for millennia. Likewise, Asians use bamboo because of its strength, flexibility, and durability. One can find bamboo in a wide range of daily use items because of this reason alone. Mankind uses leather to clothe and serve as protection from the weather for over 7000 years. We fuse leather and bamboo in ordinary items to create outstanding leather accessories like the olive green leather clutch bag. Learn more about our perfectly matching Mini Wallet in the same sharp color. How about a ruby red leather clutch? Check it out here.

Leather & Bamboo Clutch Bag

We weave bamboo into our bags and this provides a structure for them and retains its rigidity. This means our soft supple leathers will still have a nice solid feel with the aid of the bamboo. This fusion of materials produces a brilliant example of what nature can offer. Most importantly it’s sophisticated elegance and durability means you can take this bamboo clutch bag with you wherever you go. How about a Hazelnut Brown Leather Clutch?

Olive Green Leather Clutch Bag Features

  • Holds 6 cards & flat bills
  • Space for a Smartphone
  • (6.5″ fits nicely)
  • Leather zip pull
  • Removable wrist strap


Leather Bamboo Clutch Bag Details 

  • 220mm x  120mm
  • (8.7” x 4.7”)
  • 135 grams
  • Rich grained European vegetable tanned leather
  • Hand-finished bamboo inlays
  • All linen threads for strength and durability
  • Lifetime warranty

Additional information

Weight 135 g



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