L Shaped Wallet in Bamboo Leather

Our L-shaped wallet was designed on our trip to Florida in 2021. The wave and ocean-inspired wallets have blue leather to represent the ocean and orange buttery leather that represents the sun. Marcello bamboo woven leather goods are a unique combination of Eastern and Western crafts that are the perfect gifts for yourself or anyone!


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The Marcello L-shaped wallet can hold bills folded and your business cards. There is a separate coin pouch for quick access. Easy to carry in your hand, and you can place it in your shirt or front pocket. This is an ocean and wave-inspired design with bamboo woven into the leather for a lightweight and unique design. Bring some luck to yourself or as a gift! The brown leather represents the sunset and the blue wave is highlighted with the added woven bamboo.

This is a new addition to our range of wallets that includes our long wallet or clutch, mini wallet, accordion wallet, and coin purses. But those we make in veg tan leather as well. The Italian buttery leather is the same smooth beautiful material with an earthly patina that builds over time. It developed a character of its own since it’s natural and can last a generation.

L-shaped 3 pocket design
Store your banknotes, coins, or cards
Convenient to carry, practical and lightweight

-Length 13 cm, width 9.5 cm, thickness 1.5 cm
-Weight 66 grams

The bamboo woven design can strengthen the leather structure while keeping it light! Both function and beauty!

• All handmade in Taiwan
• Italian vegetable tanned leather
• Handcrafted Makino Bamboo


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