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Will a bamboo leather phone pouch last forever? (Eco-friendly)

You want a phone case to last forever, right? Maybe our bamboo leather phone pouch can last you a generation. Is that too long?

A Marcello bamboo leather phone pouch lasts a lifetime because of the superior leather and bamboo materials we select. The traditional methods we employ make these bags durable and you can put a range of phones in them or use it as a small bag forever if maintained properly. 

You will never need to throw them away! Even if you upgrade your phone, you will keep this leather phone pouch forever.

Nowadays when you buy a new phone you have to buy another phone case to replace it. With our leather phone pouch, you can fit a few different models with ease. Leather is flexible and you can easily slide in different size phones of various width and lengths. We believe that with care your bamboo leather phone pouch can last for generations. It might even last forever as long as you own a smartphone. And if you choose to use it as a crossbody bag you will love it even more! This is the most eco-friendly way to protect your phone with a multi-purpose leather phone case. Check it out here.

Leather Pouches Vs. Phone Case: Built to Last & Eco-Friendly

Marcello’s bamboo woven leather is the world’s first to combine nature’s finest materials to provide long-lasting and durable bags, including phone pouches and cases. The combination of flexible yet stronger than steel bamboo is light and is woven into the Italian veg-tanned leather. This unique structure and design lead to a contemporary style that is exclusively made in Taiwan.  Leather has long been known to be a durable medium to create useful items for daily use as well as masterpieces of art in fashion items like purses and bags. 

“Objects created in vegetable-tanned leather can last for generations”

What is vegetable tanned leather? |

The bamboo we weave into the phone cases and pouches at Marcello are selected for their uniform color and fine fiber composition. This creates an amazing and iconic design that is lightweight and provides structure. So no more floppy bags or purses and they can last a lifetime. We wrote another helpful article about floppy bags and purses along with the remedies here. Bamboo is a durable material that lasts in a wide range of climates and is readily used throughout Asia and the world for thousands of years.   

Bamboo is a renewable resource and eco-friendly since it grows so fast with and uses limited resources. The particular variety we use is Makino. It grows abundantly here in the rich soils in the mountains of Taiwan. We select the straightest and most uniform in color and the culms are cured. Then each culm is cut to our specified length and we prepare them for weaving. They can last a lifetime since the natural resins in the heated bamboo seal the bamboo surface. This makes it sheen in color and resistant to scratches and staining. 

Multi-purpose leather phone pouch and cases last a lifetime

We’ve selected materials that will last you generations, so our leather phone pouches will last a lifetime. Our woven mini bags can also be used as your mini purse or bag to stuff a few cards and some cash and hit the road. You can slide a 6.1” smartphone in with ease as well. But the main point is even if you don’t use it as your phone pouch or case, you can also use it like any other crossbody mini bag. What’s even more important is that we hand-stitch each Marcello bag we make here in Taiwan and we also have a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Not only are the leather and bamboo going to last so will the stitching. The hand sewing we do ensures the seams on our products will stay strong and not come apart when compared to machine sewn stitches. We use saddle stitching on all our leather goods. As the name implies “saddle” stitching was used for hundreds of years to make sure saddles stayed together! Nowadays it’s used in bookbinding and also high-quality leather goods. It is a method used to make sure your bags and phone pouches will not come apart.     

Phone cases may only last 3.17 Years!

According to statistics, in 2020 the average lifetime of a phone was only 3.17 years. And we assume that a phone case if cared for may last just as long. But when someone upgrades their phone, they usually cannot use the same phone case. So phone cases don’t last very long and are not eco-friendly. You cannot reuse them for anything else since they are purpose-built and fit a certain model. I have tossed out at least 2 per year for my iPhones since they are always cracking or breaking, so phone cases just don’t last very long! 

So check out one of our mini wallets from our range of exclusive bamboo woven leathergoods. Each piece is made in Taiwan by hand and shipped anywhere around the world.