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Why is My Purse Flopping Over: And How to Stop It!

Nothing is worse than a brand new purse just sagging and flopping over. Why can’t it stand up like when I bought it at the store? We’re going to show you.

A purse will be flopping over and sagging because there is no internal structure to support the leather sides to keep it upright. The design may have no materials to keep it firm and standing up. Without the framework to keep its shape, it will slouch.

There are a few things you might be able to do to remedy the situation. Let us show you how to check and find a solution for your sagging bag!

Firstly, if the bag came with internal paper stuffing inside or cardboard inserts this is why it looks very nicely upright. Once you remove them, the bag may lose that shape and just take the natural shape when it’s empty. As you add things and stuff it back up with all of your essentials, it will become heavier and the bottom may also start to sag. So you have 2 issues that may arise and need to be handled. The design of the purse or bag was such that it was made that way to be as light as possible and to be flexible. When it was packaged and transported it was stuffed with tissue paper to keep its shape. 

Purse Stuffing

When you removed all that stuff inside, the bag was sure to sag and flop all over. Some bags are made with internal stiffeners in the bottom and in the sides. Pieces of plastic or hard thick paper are sometimes used inside the layers to keep your purse rigid and upright. And if the plastic insert is in the bottom part of the bag, it will help maintain the shape. But many brands of bags don’t add this for a few reasons. One reason is that if they add it to your purse, it will become heavier. And then you will feel it’s too heavy and you haven’t even put anything in it yet! The second reason they don’t add the stiffener is that they want to save money. It keeps the purse price point a little lower and makes it seem more affordable.      

Add a bag shaper or Bag Organizer to Stop the Flopping

Floppy Bag

One solution to keep your purse from flopping over is you can check out the range of bag shapers found online. They are organizers made to slip into the compartment of your bag. You can slip them in and it also helps you stay more organized by keeping things nicely separated. All you need to keep in mind is to take some measurements to find the right height and width of the insert. Check out some of the most widely available bag organizers at this Amazon link

Insert a Bag Bottom Stiffener to Stop the Sagging

If your bag is sagging only at the bottom there is a simple solution for this. If you are needing a solution quickly, you can check out the line of bag bottom stiffeners from They make a range of bottom inserts and they come in a range of sizes. You just select one based on the model and brand of your purse. The company is possibly from Germany and ships the products from Singapore.

If you are the type who likes to do some DIY projects then you can easily make a custom-made bottom insert yourself. You will only need some plastic or hard paper cardstock. It really depends on how heavy you can accept by adding this insert. Check out the video below and see how this insert can be easily made by yourself.

Bag Shapers for Floppy Purses

My purse Used to Stand Upright by Itself, What happened?

When you first went purse hunting you probably saw the dream purse in the store and it looked beautiful! It was not flopping over unless that was the look the designer was going for. Most purses on display in the shops are filled with stuffing material, hanging, or be on a purse display stand. These methods will surely keep the bag well shaped and not flopping or sagging. When you picked it up and tried it on in the mirror it was also just of the shelf. You probably didn’t put anything in the purse right?

Material type can indicate if it will sag or flop over

When you are shopping for the right purse it’s best to take some extra time to go see it. If you have the opportunity to touch and feel it, then you need to do a few things first to make sure it won’t turn into a slouching purse or bag. The first thing is to check what kind of materials is the purse made from? If it is faux leather or chrome tanned leather, it’s likely to not be able to stand up on its own. If it’s made of high-quality veg-tanned leather, preferably from Italy or Europe, this is ideal. 

Those types of leathers are naturally stiffer and thicker. The thickness might be around 1.5 to 2mm. If so then it will have a better chance to stand upright. A good example of this type of high-quality leather is this crossbody mini purse made of such leather. It stands upright and will probably never sag or slouch unless you sit on it! Another key point about this purse is that it has bamboo woven into the leather. This is unique and provides structure to the bag. It makes the leather stiffer and it’s super light. 

Another thing to check is are there any stiffeners in the sides of the purse? If there is a layer of some material in between the sides, then it might be able to stand upright more easily. How about the bottom? Is there any hard rigid material in the bottom? If there is, then the bottom will stay flat and not sag even if you put many things inside. If a bag does not have any insert in the bottom, it will sag for sure. When you place some heavy items into the bottom, the sag will also pull the sides down and inward as well. So the overall shape of the purse will change depending on the weight of the items inside. 

So 2 key takeaways are that the materials and the construction of the purse are quite important. If you want a purse or bag to stand upright and not flop over or sag, choose one with the right materials and structure. Check it to make sure it’s made from a high quality thicker veg tanned leather.

But if you want a bag or purse that stands upright and truly lightweight, you can consider taking a look at the Marcello Red Backpack Purse. It’s made of pristine buttery Italian leather but has bamboo woven into the leather. This adds a unique and signature pattern. It also makes for a very sturdy bag that stands upright and not slouch. But the hand feel is still very soft. This is what makes this bag a unique and new piece for any wardrobe.  

Store your Purse with Stuffing Inside to Maintain the Shape

One last important part of the puzzle is to make sure you store your bag properly with stuffing inside. If you kept the paper and other material that came with the purse, that is probably best. Many people just stuff some old clothes or other materials that keep the shape when you store it in your dust cover on a nice shelf. Make sure to keep the purse in a cool environment away from sunlight or a heat source. Keep a purse from being exposed to a high humidity environment. This is not a good way to keep your purse safe from mold! You can also check this article to learn if bamboo leather can get moldy.