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Does bamboo woven leather get moldy?

Will my new Marcello bamboo woven leather bag get moldy? Well my friends you can rest at ease, because we have prepared our products to prevent this. The bamboo does not get moldy with proper care and attention.

Bamboo woven leather will not get moldy if you keep it dry and clean. We strive to produce our bamboo leather accessories to last a lifetime. The bamboo undergoes a lengthy curing process to prevent the chances of mold growth.

Firstly, the fresh bamboo dries for a period of time for an all natural cure. Then it undergoes a special natural process. After that we have a coating applied and this is a unique mixture of bamboo charcoal. The final step we take is to smoke the bamboo to set and further cure the bamboo. During this process, the resin of the bamboo comes to the surface. This also helps seal the and provide a magnificent sheen. After the process is complete, the finished materials are ready for a lifetime of use. They will not get moldy by themselves. Keep your bags dry and they are unlikely to get moldy.

If you have ever seen bamboo used in furniture making or in intricate jewelry, you will see that it shines. That means the bamboo surface has lacquer or paint applied to seal the surface or decorate it. Most designs with bamboo use clear decoration to enhance the beautiful bamboo grain. Artisans don’t want to cover the surface. They want you to be able to see the beautiful natural grains of each individual piece.

In Asia bamboo has been in use for 1000’s of years. It is an ideal material for making a wide range of daily use items as well as for building and home use. Most of the bamboo in the world grows in Asia and it is a renewable resource because it has fast growth. When bamboo cures and is kept dry, it’s viable for a range of conditions for a long time. If you have ever looked around on your travels in Asia you will notice bamboo almost everywhere! It’s also a very light and strong material. You may have not known, but bamboo is even stronger than steel!

Like all big brand luxury designer purses, one must care for them to insure they don’t get damp and wet. All leather products and especially veg-tanned leathers should stay dry. It’s best to not get them wet or rained on. If they do get wet, use a dry cloth to blot the area that got wet and let it dry at room temperature in a well ventilated space. The leathers we use are all veg-tanned. The pores are not sealed like lower quality processed chrome tanned leathers. This means the leathers we use can breathe. Since the natural oils are not removed, the beautiful patina comes after the product ages. This is the sign of a high quality leather.

Why does bamboo or leather get moldy?

Bamboo or leather can get moldy if they remain damp for a prolonged period of time. And if they remain in a poor unventilated location it becomes even more likely. The ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth is a humid, damp and dark location. The temperature can range from 25-30C (77-88F). Poor ventilation can also increase the likelihood of mold growth. These conditions are not ideal for your precious leather bags and accessories! We recommend to put your bags in a better location and if you can take them out and use them once a week this would be ideal. You should get them out in the sunlight as this kills mold. Once you want to store your bag, clean it off and then store it. In this manner it will unlikely get moldy.

Our bamboo goes through a curing process to resist mold and mildew growth. Leather itself is animal protein. After the tanning process, it becomes a flexible and durable hide. Leather is perfect for a wide range of applications. This makes it suitable for the fashion industry. We select all natural veg-tanned hides because they have some natural oils left in them. This contributes to the rich patina that can develop over time. If this bio-material remains damp and not dried it can become moldy. Our cured bamboo undergoes many processes. The drying and smoking process will make it unlikely to become moldy. But, if the piece is damp and you let sit in a humid environment for a prolonged period, it could get moldy. Like any leather product we recommend to keep it dry and clean. This will reduce the chances of mold growth.

How to prevent mold on my bamboo leather accessories?

Store your bamboo woven leather in a cloth or dust cover bag, in a well ventilated location in low humidity. You should also keep your bags and accessories away from prolonged sunlight or high heat. It’s recommended to keep your leather products free of moisture. If you know you will not use it for a while, you may use a leather conditioner to keep them from drying out and cracking. Leather that dries out is easily damaged and can even crack. So we recommend keeping your leather in good use and make sure that it does not dry out. Please read more about Leather Care here.

Will mold damage my bamboo woven leather?

You recently bought a beautiful Marcello bag and you worry that it can get damaged by mold. It is unlikely that the bamboo will get moldy as it is more resistant to mold and mildew. We processed the bamboo strips using a traditional curing method. It makes the material almost mold-proof. The leather is more susceptible to mold damage as the surface is porous and made from protein. If not cared for, mold can damage your bamboo woven leather piece. But, it’s more likely the leather could be damaged rather than the bamboo.

What to do if my leather accessory gets moldy?

If your Bamboo Leather gets moldy it’s very simple to handle as long as you catch it early. The first thing you should do is take a damp cloth and wipe off as much of the mold as possible. Then you should dry the product completely. Damp leather products only promote mold growth. Once you are sure the product is fully dry, please inspect the leather and make sure there is no leftover mold. Then if you would like to you can use a Leather care product of your choice to rub into the surface to protect it. To prevent further mold growth, please store your Marcello products in a dry place. Use a dust cover and make sure that it stays dry. This is the best way to ensure your product will not get moldy again.