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Where to Safely Store your Face Masks? Use a Face Mask Pouch!

Almost everyone needs a face mask when they go out now. So where to keep your face mask and store it properly? Let’s show you how.

The best way to safely store your face mask before use is in a clean face mask pouch or case. This keeps your face mask clean and ready to use quickly. To store your clean face mask properly is important to keep you safe.

If you have clean face masks you must keep them safe from contamination. The best way is to keep them in a purpose built case or pouch. And the pouch design should be made to be convenient and quick to use. If you need to put your mask on quickly, you should have it stored in an easy to access pouch in your pocket, purse or other safe place in a backpack. It is best to not place a clean face mask directly in your pocket because it could easily be contaminated. 

Nowadays you never know when you might need to wear a mask. If you do need to wear it in a moment’s notice the best solution is to have a face mask carry pouch. You can access it quickly and don your face mask. Marcello has made a specially designed face mask pouch for you to store your clean masks.

How should you keep masks and face covers clean?

Depending on how often you go out and where you go will determine how many masks you need. If you have cloth masks or surgical face masks, having at least 2 is the best option. And according to the CDC if you use one you should keep it folded:

“Face masks should be carefully folded so that the outer surface is held inward and against itself to reduce contact with the outer surface during storage. The folded mask can be stored between uses in a clean sealable paper bag or breathable container.”


How to store a cloth mask safely?

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Clip Face Mask to Bag

Before you leave your home or office with a clean cloth mask, you should first wash your hands and then place it in your face mask pouch or case. Then store it or clip it to somewhere you can get access to it quickly when needed. If you clip it inside your purse or backpack then it will be ready to use and you won’t need to fumble for it.  You may also place it in your shirt pocket or pants pocket for convenience. Then you can put it on when needed immediately.

Also if you happen to have a surgical face mask then you should also keep it folded. This should be lengthwise so you keep the part that touches the mouth nice and clean. Then you can place it in the pouch and store it properly. Now it will be safe from getting any germs on it. As the CDC recommended, make sure it is in a breathable container like the pouch so it will remain dry. Any moisture could attract germs and it would be an ideal place for them to grow.

How to store my mask after use?

Depending on how you use the masks you can consider to follow the recommended instructions provided. And also check the labeling as this is the best way to make sure you are safe. And as the health authorities have mentioned if you have used the masks and they become soiled or too moist you should wash them if they are reusable or throw them away if they are disposable. It is recommended to not put it back in your face mask pouch. Keep the pouch clean for placing clean masks only.

How to properly wear a face mask?

The CDC has provided information regarding face coverings and how to wear them. Please follow their recommendations. They are saying it can help prevent the spread and also reduce the chances of transmission. And remember to wash your hands before using and after you take them off! 

How to wash or reuse a face mask?

According to the CDC they are saying you can place cloth masks in the wash as normal using your detergent and use the highest setting water temperature possible. And then you can use the dryer on high to dry them out. If you need, you may also hand wash with hot soap and water. Then dry them out completely. Use some direct sunlight as they recommend and this may also help to freshen them up! Once they are ready for use again you may place them in yur face mask pouch.