Crossbody Phone Pouch

Our crossbody phone pouch with stunning buttery red leather and fine hand-cut bamboo. It fits a smartphone up to a 6.7″ phone with ease. Place some cards or loose cash and take it for a quick ride. The shoulder strap is adjustable to get the right length for you with a 24″ drop.


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Our crossbody phone pouch in stunning buttery red leather and fine hand-cut bamboo is the newest of our collection. Fit a smartphone up to 180cm in length, like a 6.7″ phone with ease. You can also place some cards or loose cash and take it for a quick ride. The shoulder strap is adjustable to get the right length for you. This light bag can also be used just to take some lipstick or a few essential items as well. It is really a mini bag that’s versatile and can also be used as a phone holder.

Marcello phone holders are designed like our other bamboo woven leather bags. This phone holder is made from Italian veg-tanned leather. We select the best parts of the hide to use a single piece that we firstly prepare and weave with bamboo. The mountains of Taiwan produce some of the most exquisite varieties of bamboo. We choose our bamboo for its strength, color uniformity, and straightness.  These species only found in Taiwan add depth and structure to our bags. They also provide them with a rigid frame to hold and keep the shape, so you won’t find any floppy bags in our line of leather goods!

The crossbody phone pouch is a minimalist design to be a light, yet absolutely stunning piece to hang across your body or just around your next. You may adjust the strap to suit your particular length and we use only high-quality hardware to last. All our handmade leather goods are backed by a lifetime warranty so you can be assured you will get a piece that lasts a generation!


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Size: 18.7cm x 11.5cm (7 3/8″ x 4.5″)

Strap Length: 134cm (53″)

Drop Length: 61cm (24″ drop)
Note: Drop length pertains to the length of the strap to the top of the phone pouch, signifying how it will fit on your shoulder.



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