ID Badge and Phone Holder

The Bamboo ID and Phone Holder houses a smartphone and fits around your neck. Its versatile slot holds your cash and credit cards. We designed it for your ID or key card and your phone. Never forget your phone or card again when you’re on the run!


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What is a Bamboo Woven Leather ID Badge and Phone Holder?

We are not only making an office-appropriate Bamboo ID and Phone Holder for you. But our signature bamboo patterns in the ID lanyard can make a statement for you. Its timeless design says I am prepared and ready to take on the world. I have my ID, key card, phone, and cards so let’s get busy!

Handmade in Taiwan with Magical Bamboo

Each piece is handmade in the central part of Taiwan, in Taichung city. It’s the heart of Taiwan and near the mystical mountains where our bamboo comes from. Only here can you get the perfectly straight and most uniform quality of prime bamboo. Bamboo grows fast and is a sustainable material. Its use is traditional in Asia for over 5000 years. Bamboo is an exceptional natural material. Our artisans can custom tailor pieces of art with this magical material.

Our Marcello ID holder lanyard houses a smartphone and fits around your neck. It comes with a versatile slot and holds your cash and a few credit cards. It can also be a business card holder because of the extra pocket. Be busy and still have all the essentials wherever you need. We designed it to not only hold an ID or key card but also your phone. Never forget your phone or card again when you’re on the run! It’s an ID lanyard wallet to some. Check out our other mini wallets for even more essentials on the go.

The viewing window of the Bamboo ID and Phone Holder holds an ID badge or key card so you can swipe in and out of your office or home. The inner pocket houses your smartphone up to 6.5”. You can answer it with ease without the need for fumbling around. Time is money! There is a slot for any other valuables you want to carry with you such as a driver’s license or another card.

The construction is of the finest cuts of veg tanned leather and bamboo. We designed this elegant and stylish piece for any wardrobe. Why not be stylish and professional? Our signature look of woven bamboo is a stunning addition to your look. Take your ID lanyard, key card or smartphone, and a few essential cards with you on the run. You can adjust the Bamboo ID and Phone Holder to any length needed. Check out the Marine Blue Mini wallet if you need something bigger.

ID Card Holder Details

185mm x 110mm (7 1/4” x 4 1/4”)
Rich grained European vegetable tanned leather
Hand-finished bamboo inlays
All linen threads for strength and durability
Lifetime warranty


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