Leather Phone Lanyard

Marcello’s leather mobile phone lanyard is stylish and unique with our iconic bamboo woven into Italian veg-tanned leather. It’s all-natural and can fit in most existing phone cases through the center charging cutout. Its durable design will make it last through to multiple phone upgrades.


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Marcello’s leather phone lanyard is the perfect accessory for staying organized and looking the coolest. Our neck strap for a wide range of mobile phone cases can fit through the central charging cutout. Its made of durable veg-tanned leather that we treat and then we add our signature bamboo woven leather tag that you may customize. Add personalization with your name or a short phrase that we stamp or deboss into the leather. You can choose a strap from 4 colors of Italian leather and you may also choose to match it with any of the same 4 colors for the tag. To add even more distinction to your phone strap you may also choose the thread color as well. Then you can also select the case attachment pad that is also made of durable leather in the same choice of 4 colors.

We prepare all the components and bamboo strips in-house and handmake your neck strap to order. Everything we do at Marcello is following the traditional leatherworking and bamboo weaving techniques that have been perfected over 1000’s of years.

Fixed length: 54cm long x 1cm wide

Our Phone Strap Kit Includes:

1 Leather Phone Lanyard (Neck Strap)
Connection pad and eyelet


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