Leather Key Chains, Marine Blue

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Our Marcello blue leather keychain in bamboo woven leather keychains is designed for elegance. What is bamboo woven leather? Well, this is the world’s first luxury accessory to create woven bamboo fused with leather. We take the finest bamboo from the forests of Taiwan and weave strips into the buttery leather. Don’t fret, because bamboo is a renewable resource and grows like grass! Fast and uses little resources and has been used for 1000s of years in Asia as a key daily use material. We combine traditional leatherworking and bamboo weaving together into a unique aesthetic charm. Our keyrings can be used to organize your keys or be used as a personal charm.


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Leather Key Chains, A Traditional Classic

Our leather key chains combine Eastern and Western heritage. The combination of leatherwork and weaving produces a classic leather key ring. Iconic bamboo woven into the design produces and refined accessory for any occasion. What is bamboo woven leather? Well, this is the world’s first luxury accessory to create woven bamboo fused with leather. This makes any beautiful piece an exceptional leather accessory. In fact, it rivals any designer leather key chains we have seen.

You may also want to see our Key Rings and Clasp . The sophisticated design with a silver finished split ring can clip to your favorite bag. Moreover, it serves as a key fob or purse charm, even a key ring for your boyfriend or husband. We finish the edges of each piece with meticulous care and burnish to emit an all-natural appeal. Above all, it will last you a generation with proper care and a dark bold patina will follow. Our artisan follows up with a hand-stamped Marcello logo and this makes the final step of our creation. Finally, use it as a key holder for your favorite set of keys or a charm or trick as Prada calls them.

Bamboo woven leather key chains are not only beautiful but also durable and resistant to damage. For example, a normal leather accessory is prone to scratches and bruising. In contrast, the added bamboo woven in is very strong and flexible. That means it is less prone to damage. In effect, this makes it the perfect gift or accessory for lasting memories. In fact, this leather keyring was the first item we developed. It came about because we needed to create a piece for our Kickstarter campaign. We needed a product that was at the right price point, around $25. Of course for this amount, we didn’t make a penny, but it was the right fit.

Add a leather keychain to your bag or backpack and you can also gift your favorite loved one or friend. They make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift because we are the only ones in the world to offer bamboo woven leather.


7cm x 4cm
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Weight 15 g

1 review for Leather Key Chains, Marine Blue

  1. Sebastian T.

    I’ve never seem something like this kind of key chain! Well made, smells magnificent! The quality is much higher than what I have now and even from a designer brand. Functional as well, we really give a high mark!

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