Mini Backpack

Marcello’s mini backpack is created from traditional leatherwork and bamboo hand weaving. The compact size is for daily essentials like a planner, mini wallet, and makeup. It also can fit an Ipad or other small daily use items. Swing it over your shoulder or wear on your back.


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What is it?

If you want a mini backpack because you don’t need a full-size backpack purse, then look no further. It’s stylish and fits on your back, but can also slide over your shoulder. It’s up to you how you want to look and feel. 

Size: 31cm tall, 24cm wide, 10cm at bottom. The opening at the top is 19.5cm wide and 5.5cm deep for you to easily put your essentials in.

Straps: 86cm longest and 47cm shortest for lots of adjustment for how it sits on your shoulders.

Weight: 635 grams

Marcello’s mini backpack is a compact size between a purse and a backpack. It fits over your shoulder or on your back like a backpack. It’s a fusion of traditional leatherwork and bamboo weaving. Ideal in size for the daily essentials: daily planner, clutch, and makeup. And it can fit a tablet or your favorite book.

We handcraft our woven leather mini backpacks with strips of cured bamboo. They come from the lush green forests of central Taiwan. Everything is handmade down to the stitching, edge finishing, and even our packaging. The bamboo is woven into the leather for beauty, structure, and a signature style. You have probably seen many woven bags and purses, like the Gucci handle backpacks or Bottega Veneta bags. But our bamboo woven leather backpacks are one of a kind.   

Why did we make it?

The bags we create have a story because they are made by real people, Sabrina and Robert. We started with only making a backpack for our son and that is the Aaron backpack. It was made smaller since it had to fit an almost 6-year-old. We also designed it to be simple to open and put his stuff in it. We also added a woven “A” in the front cover because it was for our son, Aaron. But then we realized it was really nice and people complimented the look and style of the new creation. Then we decided to also make them available for anyone! 

Since the trend of combining a purse with a backpack is happening, we just made it. And my wife of course loves purses and backpacks. But she wanted something in between, hence the mini backpack. It’s a hybrid and the best of both worlds. It has a handle like a purse and can be placed on your shoulder. But you can also use it as a backpack and then you have your hands free and you will never forget where the purse is.

How did we do it?

At Marcello, we have a distinct style and design. We combine two of nature’s best all-natural materials: bamboo and leather. If you have ever searched for a bamboo bag or a bamboo handle bag, you must have seen the Gucci handle bags and backpacks. The original Gucci handbags were produced in the 1960s when there were shortages of materials and they decided to use bamboo. Ever since then, this iconic bag has been reproduced and others have made similar designs. 

We start by making the leather patterns based on our own design and then we select the best part of the leather hides. We cut each piece by hand with care and then prepare them for the next step. At the same time, we also cut the bamboo into the correct lengths for each piece we make. After that, we prepare to weave the bamboo strips into the leather and this also makes each piece really get noticed. Weaving bamboo into the leather creates an alluring pattern and harmony with the 2 materials. 

The next step is to add the various hardware, zippers, and stamp the leather with our brand mark, “Marcello”. And then we sew each part of the backpack purse together. The entire process takes many hours, actually days, of dedicated handcrafting. But we love to make a new bag and try it out ourselves! We want to make sure you will love it as well. This is how we create each piece with dedication. And that’s why we believe it will last a lifetime. Learn more about our Lifetime Warranty here.    

Where do we make them?

We handcraft every Marcello bag in our studios here in Taichung, Taiwan. Some people may not know where Taiwan is but it’s in Asia. And this is a beautiful green island inhabited for centuries. The Dutch colonized the island in the 1600s. They called it “Formosa” or the green island. When we look out from our windows to the east we can see the central mountain regions of Taiwan. This is where the perfect conditions are for the bamboo to grow in the forest. If you didn’t know, Bamboo was actually a biomaterial.

It is a renewable material because it grows so quickly. Bamboo is really a large type of grass, it is not a tree. The type of bamboo we use only grows in these parts of Taiwan.  It is highly sought after for its beautiful grain, uniform color, and straightness. And we also use nature’s other fine material, all-natural vegetable tanned leather from Europe. These 2 materials have been used for 1000’s of years by humankind and it’s because they can last and are magnificent when combined.

Other creations?

We believe if you are looking for a Leather creation that is unique and lasts a lifetime, you are in the right place. We have a range of bamboo accessories including mini purses, mini wallets, keychains, purse charms, and other accessories. We have a range of items that you can buy as a gift for your loved ones for your friends family and of course for yourself. Corporate gifts can also be customized. Get in touch with us here


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