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How to Clean Your Bamboo Leather Purse: A Clear Guide

If you have wondered how to clean a bamboo leather handbag, they are unique and require special attention. But how is it done?

To clean the bamboo handbags, you brush and then clean carefully with a damp towel. Then the bamboo should be wiped carefully and do not use any harsh chemicals or detergents. Next, wipe it down with a dry soft microfiber cloth to remove any excess moisture.

To clean a bamboo handbag is a task if you spent some serious money on it but never have cleaned one. Let’s show you how to clean it with ease but make sure to read it through entirely before starting! Don’t miss some important steps.

The first thing is to brush off your entire bag carefully with a dry clean cloth to remove any debris, dust, or dirt. Be careful that you do not wipe any grease or oily materials and press deeply into the handbag or you may make it worse. The idea is to brush off any debris before you do the next step. Once your handbag is free of any debris, dust, or other particles the next step is to wipe it down with a damp cloth. You should use a very soft cloth and make sure and wring out all of the excess water. It should only be slightly damp. 

Before you start, check for an inconspicuous area to test how the leather reacts to the damp cloth. You may notice it might soak up the water from your cloth and turn darker. If this happens make sure to wring out as much water as possible. Then wipe gently with smooth flowing motions across one direction. And completely wipe the entire purse and bamboo. This should make the purse much cleaner. Make sure to wipe down any bamboo handles if there are any. Then finally, wipe the straps as well because they can get dirty from rubbing on clothes and shoulders picking up body oils.  

Bamboo purse closeup/backpack

Brush Off Your Entire Bag

The first step to cleaning your bamboo handbag is to brush it off and you can use a rag or soft brush. Use gentle motions to make sure you don’t press the dirt or debris into the leather or bamboo crevices. You want to simply brush it off so you can have clean surfaces to do the nest step. You may find that some debris is stuck on the bamboo handles and you might need to gently nudge it off. You can also use your fingernails to gently scrape away any particles. But do not use any metal tools or wooden tools on your bamboo.

If you have a natural veg-tanned leather bag, you need to be aware they do scratch. They are natural and don’t have any special surface protection from scratches. This is the same for any fine leather purse. Learn more about the history of leather here which was developed over 2400 years ago!

The reason you want to brush off any dust or debris is that the leather should be free of anything that may promote mold. And any oily or greasy materials or residue like from makeup can also damage the bamboo and leather if you press or smudge it into the leather. Or if there are any food particles or crumbs, this also should be removed gently! For any luxury handmade or designer purse, you need to pay particular attention to this or you will damage the bag. Another important thing you need to do is to check your brand’s care instructions. We left this obvious step until now because it could impact the following steps.   

Bamboo On Leather Handbags Are Easy To Clean

The bamboo in some purses may be varnished or cured. Like in this crossbody purse from Marcello, it uses special heat-cured bamboo. It first has the outer layer removed then the bamboo is heated until the oil and resin come to the surface. They are then wiped down and finished to have a nice bright sheen. This is also a very durable finish and won’t stain or get dirty easily. 

The first thing to note is that bamboo is usually processed before it is used to make your bag. Many types of bamboo bags may use a wide range of processed bamboo. But most behave the same and require similar attention. Do not immerse them in water or let them get damp. This may seem like common sense, however, it is not like leather which can usually dry out and then remain relatively in good condition.  

If the bag or purse has any woven bamboo in the leather you can inspect it for any debris stuck in any crevices. See the closeup below. You may try a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush away any dust or debris you might find. Then you wipe again with the damp cloth and do a final cleaning of the purse. 

Bamboo weaving closeup

Check The Inside & Pockets and Clean Out

One important area to clean next is the inside of your bag and any pockets. You might have had something drop in there and not know it. If you have any food or organic materials they can attract insects and bacterial growth. And that means it may also be a source of some strong odors or bad smells. One major thing that can also damage your bamboo bag or leather is leaked cosmetics, a perfume with high alcohol content, or any oily liquids and coffee! Make sure to use a damp cloth to get rid of these residues.  

Dry Your Bamboo Handbag Naturally Or With A Fan On Low

Once your purse is completely wiped down you should let it sit out and air dry naturally. If it is humid where you live then you may use a fan on low to blow on it until it’s dry. It shouldn’t take very long, less than an hour, but check to make sure it’s completely dry. Do not use any heat sources and keep it away from direct sunlight. It’s also not recommended to place in front of an air conditioner. An AC could dry the leather bamboo bag out too quickly and that is not good for leather.   

Bamboo closeups/strips or real

After Wiping, Inspect The Bamboo And Leather 

Your purse should be very clean after it’s been wiped down thoroughly and dried. Next, we should check the bamboo handles or the bamboo weave to see if there was anything you missed. If you are going to store the handbag, then you need to make sure it’s clean and dry. This will prevent mold growth on your bags and that’s definitely not something you want. You can read this article will bamboo get moldy

If you see any leftover or caked-on debris then you will need to use some mild soap to get rid of it. You can scrub the bamboo with the solution and dry it like before. We don’t recommend using anything on your natural veg-tanned purses. If you must, then follow the directions carefully and remember the dye may bleed out from new veg-tanned leathers. This is natural and happens on high-quality leathers. If you want to learn more about Leather Care of veg-tanned leather check this article out.   

Check The Bamboo Weaving Or Handles

Now you can insect the handles and see if they are nice and smooth and clean. The bamboo woven leather should also have a nice shine to it. Bamboo is a very durable material and it’s strong as steel and still flexible. See this informative article about the strength of bamboo. It’s unlikely that it will stain or get moldy as long as you keep it dry and well cleaned. Pay particular attention to the bamboo bag if it has gotten wet or was rained on. If this is the case you should air dry it in front of a fan overnight. Then check it again to make sure it’s dry. 

Apply Any Leather Care Products

The final step is to use any leather care products to maintain the beautiful patina of the bag. If you are sure the bag is made from natural high-quality veg-tanned leather, then you can use mink oil or your favorite products. We don’t recommend it if you are using it regularly. High-quality bags made with the buttery Italian leathers like used on the Marcello leather accessories all have a nice soft feel and rich color. The bamboo woven leather does not require anything to be used on it. What is bamboo woven leather? Check it out here. It’s the world’s first line of finely handcrafted and exclusive leather accessories. The bamboo used in Marcello products are all heat cured and will last for a lifetime of use. 

Store Your Bamboo Handbag In A Dust Cover Or Use It

Now your favorite bamboo bag is ready to hit the town in style or be stored until your next use. We recommend using your bags regularly to help develop the patina of the leather and age it. With use, it will change into a rich deep color that is the mark of a nice bag. If you will store it, please stuff it with some tissue paper or any material that came during the shipping of the bag. This will maintain the shape so it won’t become floppy. If you do have a floppy purse and want to know more about how to stop this read this helpful article.